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Häufige Suchbegriffe

definitely try


Snowbike - whizz across the slope sitting down -
the slightly different way of whizzing over Grächen’s ski slopes.

There are no wheels on this “bike” as this funny device has two skis fitted one behind the other instead. The front one is connected to the usual handlebar making steering really easy for the rider. For a bit of extra stability the rider also straps two short skis to their feet.
Then you’re ready to go! This type of skiing sport does require balance but it can be practised comfortably and elegantly sitting down. While others desperately attempt to acquire speed and stamina, snowbikers simply glide over the slopes looking really chic. The longer you practise snowbiking the quicker and speedier you can take the bends of course. But the most wonderful thing is that anyone can learn how to snowbike after just one to two hours. You quickly pick up a sense of the riding style and that is enough for a sociable day on Grächen’s fantastic slopes. In the meantime you may also come across the multiple snowbike World Champion Björn Walter in Grächen! The Swiss ski & snowboard school and the Valais snow sports school offer lessons in snowbiking. You can also hire snowbikes from Wannihorn Sport.

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