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Häufige Suchbegriffe

in the nature

Fire places/picinic areas

The area around Grächen and St.Niklaus has up to ten prepared fire places and picnic areas. Wood is provided by the fire places.


Fire places and picnic areas can be found at:

  • Robi’s leisure park (3 fireplaces)
  • Egga near the Ravensburg games parcours
  • Chäschermatten in Gasenried
  • Stafel
  • Hannigalp
  • Alpe Äbnet
  • Schwiedernen recreation center (St.Niklaus)
  • Jungen

Two award-winning fire places:      
Name: Alpe Äpnet
Location: 1,770 m above sea level, 1.5 km northeast of Grächen
Hiking trail: Eggeri-Bissenweg Bärgji-Hohtschugge
How to get there: bicycle, partly by car

Name: Hannigalp
Location: 2,136 m above sea level, 300 m northeast of Hannigalp cable car station, direction forest
Hiking route: high-altitude trail to Saas Fee
How to get there: bicycle, car to the cable car station

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