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Kneipp facilities

freely accessible / always open

As a spa town, Grächen is well-known for its low rainfall and good air quality. Two public Kneipp facilities were built on Grächen Lake and in Taa based on the philosophy of the former health pioneer Father Sebastian Kneipp.


For those seeking relaxation, Grächen is well-known as one of the places in Switzerland with the lowest rainfall and most hours of sunshine and extremely good air quality. One of the most beautiful public Kneipp facilities in Switzerland was built in Grächen based on the philosophy of the former health pioneer Father Kneipp. He upheld five tenets for a healthy life: exercise, nutrition, herbalism, water and mental balance.

The Kneipp gardens at the lake and Taa promote active relaxation with water treading pools, arm baths, dry pools with pebbles and benches. The cool refreshment is a real treat after a walk or hike. The Kneipp gardens offer a pleasant change and are great fun for the whole family. Access to both facilities was designed to be suitable for buggies. All the Kneipp facilities are labelled like the Kneipp garden and like the outdoor stations are also free to our guests. You can reach the Kneipp garden above the village after a roughly 15-minute walk and the Kneipp course is nestled in a natural landscape between the quiet edge of the forest and Grächen Lake. Other little facilities have already been set up so that your body can warm up before the individual cold water treatments. In Taa, a roughly 30-minute walk away from the Kneipp garden, there is another water treading pool.

free entry
freely accessible / always open


Kneipp facilities
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