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Terms & Conditions of Booking

Grächen & St. Niklaus Tourism & Trade performs an agency service in holiday homes and apartments, along with hotel accommodation, on the instruction of their present owners or owners’ representatives. All information concerning and to do with the rented property / hotel is compiled by us on location with the greatest possible care. We are unable to assume any liability for changes which arise without our knowledge after printing, or for potential printing errors, for which we apologise

Conditions of payment

Grächen & St. Niklaus Tourism & Trade draws up a rental agreement with the sums divided as follows:

  • For hotels and apartments: An down payment consisting of 30% payable within 10 days of completion of the reservation. The remaining payment is made up of the overall sum of the agreement less the calculated down payment and must be paid not later then 30 days before arrival.
  • Grächen Tourism will charge to you a booking fee of CHF 12.--.
  • If booking takes place fewer than 40 days prior to arrival, the entire sum will be due.
  • Payment of the booking with credit card: the complete amount will be debited automatically from the credit card.

Prices and auxiliary costs

The prices for the rent listed in the rental agreement are binding. We reserve the right to make a price adjustment for reasons on which we can have no influence (for example, currency fluctuations, newly introduced or increased taxes). In individual cases the listed auxiliary costs are merely guidelines and may therefore be subject to slight changes. The rented properties must be occupied by the number of persons listed in the agreement at the maximum.

Cancellation of the rental agreement (valid for arrivals from 01 May 2021)

If the tenant wishes to withdraw from the rental agreement for reasons other than illness or accident, the following conditions apply:

  • Up to 60 days prior to arrival: Processing fee CHF 100.--
  • 59 - 45 days prior to arrival: Processing fee CHF 100.-- & payment on account of 30%
  • 44 - 30 days prior to arrival: Processing fee CHF 100.-- & payment on account of 50%
  • 29 - 0 days prior to arrival: Entire rental sum plus processing fee CHF 100.--
  • No arrival: Entire rental sum plus processing fee CHF 100.--.

If the room / apartment can be re-let following a cancellation, the hotelier/landlord is obliged to reimburse to the customer the full sum less a cancellation fee of CHF 100.00. There is no systematic monitoring of reimbursements. We recommend taking out a cancellation insurance (private or with Grächen & St. Niklaus Tourism & Trade). Information on insurance at: https://www.graechen.ch/en/Insurance/Insurance-conditions-for-the-cancellation-costs-insurance


The information centralised in the system has been conscientiously and diligently compiled. Should, however, shortcomings be proven to be present, Grächen & St. Niklaus Tourism & Trade must - if the deficiency cannot be corrected locally - be informed immediately by telephone or by fax, so that everything necessary can be undertaken in order to eliminate the disruption to performance or to make accommodation of equal value available. There shall be no reimbursement on our part if the holidaymaker does not claim his or her booked accommodation or the alternative of equal value proposed by us. Any form of liability is likewise excluded in such cases. We stress that complaints or any claims can only be dealt with following communication within 72 hours subsequent to claiming of the service. In addition, these claims must be submitted directly in writing to Grächen & St. Niklaus Tourism & Trade within 10 days after the stay has ended, since otherwise all claims for damage compensation will become invalid. Claims for damage compensation shall in no cases exceed the rental sum. Should no agreement be reached, the place of jurisdiction Visp (Switzerland) shall apply.

Force majeure

Extreme circumstances which are beyond our control can always arise in tourism. Should force majeure, environmental disasters , forces of nature prevent or pandemics us from pursuing our agency activity, then we shall be entitled to cancel the booking without compensation. Tenants’ down payments will of course be reimbursed. Should other reasons, which likewise cannot be attributed to us, prevent the service from being rendered, then we will either relocate you to another holiday apartment or another hotel or, if necessary, cancel the booking. In this event, too, you will receive the paid-in sum back and shall meanwhile desist from making further claims.


Grächen & St. Niklaus Tourism & Trade is liable for local reservation as per regulations, not, however, for unforeseeable matters which cannot be influenced by Grächen & St. Niklaus Tourism & Trade, such as:

  • Breakdowns / disruptions in the water and/or electricity supply as well as facilities such as heating, lift, swimming pool, etc.
  • Reduction of the rental value as a result of environmental damage, temporary increased noise emissions, for example traffic diversion, construction site, etc.

The tenant must pay in full for damage which can be proven to have been caused by the tenant during the stay.

Any damage incidences must be reported to the owner or his or her representative prior to departure.

Terms & Conditions animations and additional services

All cancellations, modification or now-shows will be charged the total price.

External organisers: Courses Music Holidays

Organiser may cancel the course up to 28 days before the course starts due to not reaching the minimum number of participants. If the organiser cancels the course, the guest will be refunded.




Edition 02 july 2021

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