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The following animations are free for the holders of a Grächen Goldcard.

If you are in possession of the Goldcard, we ask you to contact us by phone or come directly to the tourist office to make the registration. 

Welcome of SiSu

29 June - 17 August & 28 September - 19 October 2019
The Grächen mascot wishes you a warm welcome to Grächen. SiSu looks forward to meeting you in person and invites you to a party on the Grächen village square. You can also find out about the varied programme of entertainment for children.


Wildlife watching with a local assistant ranger incl. breakfast

Dorfplatz3925 GrächenTel. +41 (0)27 955 60 60

Accompany a local ranger to exclusive spots where chamois and ibex gather. And enjoy a rich breakfast at the Bergrestaurant afterwards to top great...

22,00 CHF Per person

Valais rye bread baking & rope-park fun

Dorfplatz3925 GrächenTel. +41 (0)27 955 60 60

From corn to bread - out in the fresh air, the dough is kneaded according to Grandma's recipe and then baked in a wood-fired oven. And while the bread is...

15,00 CHF Per person

Indian wilderness day

Dorfplatz3925 GrächenTel. +41 (0)27 955 60 60

Immerse yourself in the world of the Indians! At the Indian fort on the Hannigalp, you can make your own bow and arrow and a personal lucky charm. We'll...

10,00 CHF Per person

Guided village tour in summer

Dorfplatz3925 GrächenTel. +41 (0)27 955 60 60

Learn interesting facts about the history and infrastructure of Grächen, now and then. Time: 17h00 - 18h30 Price: free Meeting point: in front of the...

Build your insect hotel

Dorfplatz3925 GrächenTel. +41 (0)27 955 60 60

Give nature a home - with an insect hotel! Create your own insect hotel to support the cycle of life. Time: 14h00 - approx. 16h00 Price: CHF 7.00 per...

7,00 CHF Per person
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