The holiday destination Grächen/ St.Niklaus will be open again from 20 June. We are very much looking forward to your visit!


Hiking paths along the irrigation channels (Suonen)

Enjoy the unique atmosphere during a hike along the 4 irrigation channels, the Eggeri, Chilcheri, Drieri and Bineri. Immerse yourself in the "Zauberwasser" experience along the Eggeri & Chilcheri irrigation channels!

"Zauberwasser": Grächen - Chilcheri - Eggeri - Grächen

Hiking Trail | easy

Immerse yourself in the unique “Zauberwasser”

 9,4 km  4:00 h  306 m  306 m

Small round tour Suonenerlebnis Zauberwasser

Nature Trails | easy

Discover the magic water on the small circular walk - suitable for families.

 4,8 km  1:37 h  180 m  180 m

Watercourses (Suonen): Grächen – Bineri – Riedbach

Hiking Trail | easy

Enjoy a varied hike along the Bineri.

 3,8 km  1:00 h  118 m  36 m

Watercourses (Suonen): Grächen – Drieri – Riedbach

Hiking Trail | easy

The Drieri invites to go on a walk on 3.8km

 3,5 km  1:10 h  122 m  16 m

Watercourses (Suonen): Chilcheri

Hiking Trail | easy

The Chilcheri is the second longest watercourse (Suone) in Grächen

 4,1 km  1:10 h  268 m  0 m

Watercourse (Suonen): Grächen – Zum See – Eggeri – Hohtschuggen - Bärgji

Hiking Trail | easy

A special hiking along the irrigation channels

 4,3 km  1:55 h  183 m  164 m

Watercourses (Suonen): Zum See - Eggeri - Riedbach

Hiking Trail | easy

Eggeri is the longest and most popular watercourse of Grächen.

 5,7 km  1:20 h  314 m  18 m
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