Guidance for the winter season 2020/21 under COVID-19 of the destination Grächen can be found here.

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Information about coronavirus/COVID-19

Instructions for winter season 2020/21 under Corona Covid 19 of the destination Grächen/St. Niklaus

Here we inform you about the measures and restrictions in connection with the COVID-19 situation in the holiday destination Grächen/St. Niklaus.

The winter fairytale awaits our guests this winter as well. The safety and health of guests and employees are very important to us. We clearly take the necessary precautions!

General corona rules in Switzerland

The following corona rules apply nationwide in Switzerland:

  • Keep a distance of at least 1.5 metres to other people. If this distance is not possible, wear a protective mask wherever possible. Wash or disinfect your hands regularly. Masks are compulsory for people aged 12 and over on all public transport. This applies to trains, buses and all mountain railways. The only exceptions are chair and ski lifts.
  • Comprehensive compulsory masks also apply in all publicly accessible rooms. This includes shops, post offices, museums, cinemas, hotels, doctors' surgeries, administrative buildings, as well as airports, railway stations and bus and tram stops.
  • Spontaneous gatherings of more than 15 people are prohibited in public spaces. Demonstrations remain permitted if they have a protection concept. At private events with more than 15 people, consumption will in future only be allowed seated. Anyone who is not sitting in their seat must wear a mask. Contact details must now also be collected at private events.
  • Events with more than 100 people also require a protection concept and must be held in publicly accessible facilities.
  • Eating and drinking in restaurants, bars and clubs is now only allowed sitting down. Contact details must be collected.
  • The borders to all EU and EFTA countries and the UK are open. However, there are country-specific quarantine regulations.

The following corona rules also apply to the canton of Valais:

  • The wearing of masks is obligatory at all public and private events in all enclosed spaces. However, training areas of sports and fitness centres are excluded.
  • Masks are also compulsory for customers of public establishments offering drinks and/or meals (bars and restaurants, pubs, tea-rooms, discotheques, clubs, dance halls and similar establishments) if they move both inside and outside the establishment, i.e. masks must be worn when entering and leaving the premises and for all movements inside and outside the establishment. The mask may only be removed when seated.
  • In public places where drinks and/or meals are served (see above), masks must also be worn by staff, as visors do not provide adequate protection. All public establishments offering drinks and/or meals (see above) must ensure that the tracing of all customers is guaranteed at all times by means of a comprehensive list. The operators are obliged to inform their customers about the purpose and storage of the data.
  • All public establishments must close at 1 am at the latest.
  • During the night from 31 December to 1 January, public establishments may remain open until 3 a.m. at the latest. From 23 December 2020 to 3 January 2021, it is forbidden to gather more than 30 people and fireworks in public places, but it is tolerated within the family circle (less than 30 people).
  • Carnival processions are prohibited in 2021, regardless of the number of adult and/or under-age participants. Other events in connection with the carnival are treated as public events.

The protection concepts for mountain railways (drag lifts, chair lifts and similar installations) must provide for the following measures:

  • The wearing of a mask is compulsory in all queues and at all assembly points (ticket offices, bus stops, etc.).
  • Neck masks and other industrially produced fabric masks that meet the standards set by the Swiss National COVID-19 Science Task Force are recognised as sufficient protection in ski resorts.
  • For the staff of service providers and in the absence of other concrete protective measures, the mask obligation applies to all employees who have close contact (less than 1.5 metres) with each other or with customers.

The ski schools must apply the SwissSnowsports protection concept.

  • It should be noted that adults and children over 12 years of age must wear a mask at meeting places, especially at the beginning and end of courses (including private lessons).
  • In snow kindergartens and similar activities, the wearing of masks will be compulsory for adults and children over 12 years of age in all enclosed areas (rest areas, canteens, WC, etc.).

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