Ravensburger games path


Discover the hiking area around Grächen through play. Seven new play stations and six play huts with new games await families on the Ravensburger play path from summer 2021. Equipped with a games backpack containing various auxiliary material for solving the puzzles and games, the various routes with different levels of difficulty can be tackled.

This is how it works: For a deposit, you can get this player backpack with game figures, game passport and instructions at the Tourist Office. You get the game pass in the form of a brochure. At each game hut and station, you have to solve the riddle on the corresponding page in the game pass and fill in the missing letters. In the back of the booklet, the games pass contains a page on which the solution set, which is made up of the previously solved puzzle, can be entered. If this page is handed in at the Tourist Office, a small surprise awaits the children. In addition, they will be entered into a prize draw at the end of the season. You can find all the details in the games pass.

Price CHF 7.00


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